E-Commerce Builder leverages website to your advantage!

There’s no denying the fact that making an impression on the Internet is a crucial component to your business’ success. Having a professional website is an important step but making it to the top also requires the ability to promote your business correctly online. While many businesses understand the value of internet marketing, they are usually unable to take full advantage of the many opportunities for advancement that can happen online. This is where a professional team, like E-CommerceBuilder, can help.

Digital Marketing

Getting a page-one ranking on a search engine like Google is one of the best ways to market your business online. E-CommerceBuilder offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which helps your business achieve this page-one ranking organically. Many internet marketing agencies offer SEO but fail to deliver, but at E-CommerceBuilder we want our clients to know that we only charge for results that we “successfully” deliver.

At E-Commerce Builder, we focus on designing a marketing strategy that works for your business. Our marketing strategy follows three steps:

First, we will meet with you to get a better understanding of your business and needs, then we conduct research to determine which keywords will be the most effective to rank your website on Google’s page one.

After this initial meeting we will give you a quote on the investment needed to improve your website’s ranking. If you decide to continue, you would make a 50% down payment and after a few days we will provide you with a comprehensive real-time report of your website’s position before we begin SEO for your website.

For the next four to six months, you will receive monthly reports on your website’s position and keyword rankings. At the end, we will provide you with a complete report of our accomplished results. At E-CommerceBuilder, we only charge you for the results that we successfully deliver. By this point, the increase in business from SEO should pay for most of our charge, if not exceed it.

Our Team can help your business establish a professional and strong impression on potential customers through SEO, e-mail marketing and SEO copywriting. If you are looking for online success, contact  our internet marketing team today.

Strategic Digital Marketing

As a savvy entrepreneur or small business owner, you already know that nowadays it’s not enough just to have a website, even a good looking website. You must also have an effective web marketing strategy in place. After all, even the very best website is of little benefit if your potential customers cannot find it on search engines like and

Your website must be optimized for maximum search engine visibility. Your company must also be active in social media and email. Unless your company is a web marketing company, every hour that you or your staff spends on marketing and promotion is an hour that is not spent on your business.

We can work with your company’s creative staff to refine your company’s digital marketing strategy. We can make suggestions to refine your staff’s efforts for maximum potency, based on our years of experience and proven successes. We can also help bring your staff members up to speed on the latest approaches to digital marketing. If your business doesn’t have a dedicated web marketing staff, we may have just the solution you need.

E-CommerceBuilder a full-service digital marketing company in Minnesota that can provide you with any or all of the following services:

1.       Web Content: SEO content, blog posts, white papers, email blasts, and more
2.      Email Marketing: Regular email communications or one-time outreach messages
3.      Search Engine Marketing: Marketing directed toward prequalified targets
4.      Search Engine Optimization: Raising your company’s search engine ranking
5.      Social Media: Establishing a sense of community around your company online

Our goal is to help your business get the maximum exposure on the internet and search engines. If your company sells goods or services directly through its website, we can help you build out an online storefront that seamlessly handles transactions and requires minimal maintenance and oversight. If you distribute a subscriber-based newsletter, we can streamline the distribution process according to an established publication schedule – or a new schedule based on our suggestions.

We do not work from generic templates or attempt to force your company’s marketing needs into a “one size fits all” approach. Our team of web marketing professionals examines your company’s present marketing approach and makes recommendations based on your current customer base, desired customer reach, industry, and of course, your budget.

Local Digital Marketing Services

If your business serves a specific city or region, it is crucial to target your online marketing to a local audience. We provide a range of local digital marketing services. We offer display ads, search engine optimization (SEO), directory listings and social media promotion. Our agency also designs and enhances websites.

Online business directories form a major component of locally based marketing. People often use them to find nearby stores and contractors. Listings in local directories can also make it easier to find your website on search engines. If your website appears in many directories, they will give it a higher priority in the search results.

We can list your business in the best local directories and ensure that they provide accurate contact details. Unlike the Yellow Pages or newspapers, most of these directories don’t charge recurring fees. Your listings will remain in place for many years to come.

Perhaps people in your city frequently search for “sink repair.” A nearby plumber could benefit from creating a Web page on this subject. Our local business Internet marketing team can provide you with information about the phrases that people search for online. We will help you optimize your website to take advantage of this data.

It isn’t always adequate to attract a possible customer to your website with a directory or search listing. Many people need to be reminded of your company before they will purchase a product. When customers are repeatedly exposed to your brand name, it will also enhance the chance that they will choose your products or services when needed.

Remarketing is a vital element of our local Internet marketing services. We purchase display ads on websites that potential customers in your region are likely to see. Directory listings, display ads, and search engine optimization combine to form a highly effective local based marketing strategy.

Our agency also offers WordPress website design, multimedia development and other types of local business Internet marketing services. We can promote your company on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and more. We can also advertise it to people with mobile Internet devices. We create professional websites, photos, virtual tours, and videos.

You’re probably wondering how much our local Internet marketing services cost. To request a free quote, please fill out our form and we will get in touch with you to provide the quote. It only requires your name, email address and service type. However, we can provide a more accurate quote if you complete the entire form. Thank you!


Search Engine Optimization Services

Back in the day, an easy way to boost your company website’s search engine ranking was to stuff the copy with keywords. Whether the resulting text actually made any sense was a secondary concern, if that. The Google Panda and Penguin algorithm adjustments changed that forever. Today, so-called “black hat” search engine optimization strategies like keyword stuffing are a no-no.  And unless you have experts on staff, it may be well worth the investment necessary to call in the services of an SEO company to help you negotiate the new online landscape.


Affordable SEO Services and Plans

E-CommerceBuilder is an SEO company that offers the top quality level of expertise you would expect. You won’t find any shady “black hat” techniques here. What your company’s website will receive is well researched and structured copy that includes thoughtfully inserted keywords that seamlessly flow within the text that informs, entertains and engages visitors.

Our SEO specialists further enhance the SEO value of your website copy with behind the scenes strategies to attract the attention of search engine “bots,” such as Meta tags. Legitimate backlinks posted on relevant outside pages further direct traffic to your website. Discreet backlinks and hot-linked mentions of your company’s name in blog posts and other informative copy also keep your company’s name top of mind for potential customers while helping your company’s website maintain a high search engine ranking.

Whether your business is large or small, local or international, regardless of your company’s mission or industry sector, you will receive the same level of hands-on service and customized options. We do not operate with generic templates or attempt to force a “one size fits all” approach onto its clients. That doesn’t mean you’ll pay big time SEO agency rates. We understand that many solo practitioners and small businesses especially operate on tight marketing budgets. We have a number of affordable SEO plans available that can be modified to fit your company’s needs.