Going Digital: 5 Benefits of Operating an E-Commerce Website

With a credit card and an internet connection, consumers can find anything they want or need in the comfort of their home. Consumers today also spend an increasing amount of time on their computers, iPads and mobile devices. Having an e-commerce website means that your business can connect to these customers 24/7.
What is an e-commerce website? E-commerce stands for electronic commerce. Basically, an e-commerce website means that people can shop online. With the use of an online paying gateway that accepts credit cards or a system like PayPal, your business can go virtual. Unlike many websites, an e-commerce website does more than offer information; complete transactions can be enacted online.
How does this help your business? In the remainder of this article, I will walk you through five benefits that an e-commerce website provides.
Availability – An e-commerce site allows business to continue even when you and your staff are asleep or away. Transactions can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Orders placed late at night are waiting in the morning. Moreover, businesses avoid the cost of a new physical location and start-up, but reach the same customers (and more!) they would have reached without the expense.
Expansion – Not only is your business open at all times, it is also open at all venues. Regardless of your physical location, or even the physical location of your store, your e-commerce website bridges gaps across the world. An online presence at a basic level results in online sales. These sales can come from anywhere in the world, and allow you to compete not just locally, but globally.
Advertising – Word of mouth has certainly spread businesses. Newspaper ads and print ads are also effective ways to spread your business’s reputation. However, today’s social media means that your business can have all the benefits of print marketing without the high expenses. An online business means that customers can go directly from your website to a Facebook page, twitter or any of the many kinds of social media. With another click, customers can check out the business their friends have recommended. Without spending a dime, your business is being constantly advertised.
Cost – An e-commerce site allows for several benefits at once. However, the cost of running an e-commerce site is minimal. Keeping a website going avoids the hefty start-up sales opening another location would cost. Moreover, a website can be run from anywhere by just one person. Extra staffing is not required. While an e-commerce website certainly has a start-up cost, the site also has the potential to change and grow with your business without later fees. Utility fees are an idea of the past for businesses on the web.
Conversation – It may seem that being online detracts from customer relations. After all, customers are not directly speaking to you. However, an e-commerce site does much more than simply sells; it allows for communication and conversation with customers as well. Customers can leave direct feedback on your website, your products and your sales instantly. The anonymity provided by the internet adds to the chance that customers will leave honest feedback on your site. Additionally, changes and adjustments to your business can also be instantaneous. Your customer relations will certainly not suffer, and may very well improve.
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