Database Driven

    Realtime Credit Card Processing

    • Connects to secure server when it is time to collect credit card information.
    • Credit cards are not stored in your store’s database which reduces your security risk.

    Full Order Entry/Call Center System

    • 800 operators or administrators can process phone orders, purchase orders and check orders through system so that all sales are in same database.

    Multiple Supplier/Shipper Capability

    • Each item can have different shipper that will be notified with email packing slip.
    • Shipping based on weight and zip code

    Automatic Fulfillment

    • System emails receipts to customers, packing slips to multiple shippers/suppliers on same order

    Reseller System

    • Customer can be given “reseller” status and have discounts, non-taxable status, use purchase orders and automatic drop shipping

    Special Offer Function

    • Send email to customers with a “special offer” login code which is linked to special prices for existing products

    Featured Item Function

    • Have certain products automatically displayed so that you can highlight newest products on store entrance

    Mailing List Function

    • Generate an email list of customers who purchased a specific product so you can send them special information about that product.

    Automatic Delivery of Soft goods

    • Downloadable products like software or ebooks can be purchased and an email will be sent to customer with link to the electronic file of product purchased.

    Membership Features

    • Customers can login with username and password and see products or prices not viewable by first time shoppers
    • Customers can view past orders, reprint receipts, have checkout info automatically inserted when purchasing

    Product Comments Feature

    • Shoppers can view other customers’ comments or leave their own comments about products. Admin approves comments before they show up on web.

    Flexible Category / Product organization

    • Multiple category levels
    • Multiple items per product

    Flexible Tax Calculations

    • Sales Tax collected on multiple states if needed
    • Items can be flagged as non-taxable – however customers can (on same order) have taxable and non-taxable items and be charged appropriately.
    • Customer can have tax-exempt status and system will not collect sales tax.


    • Easy to use forms for admin to add products or edit product info
    • Admin can over-ride prices on the fly, send evaluation copies at no charge, etc.
    • View Customer's past orders and see if there is an outstanding balance
    • If multiple instances of customer exist, you can merge orders to one record
    • Sales Reports by date range
    • Sales report by product by date
    • Sales Tax Reports
    • Generate email list for entire customer base
    • Generate email list for every customer who purchased a certain product.