Detailed descriptions of some of the e-commerce builder store are given below:

B to B and B to C

Some of the hottest topics in e-commerce are B to B and B to C. These stand for “Business to Business” and “Business to Customer.” The e-commerce builder software was handling both of these functions long before the terms were invented.

If all you do is sell direct to end users, then B to B may be of no interest to you, but if you have resellers who purchase your products for their store shelves, e-commerce builder can handle it.

You can setup certain customers as resellers with special priveledges. A reseller can login to the system, see all your products with their discount price, and place an order with a PO number.  And if certain resellers don’t have PO priviledges, then they can still see their discount, but be required to use a credit card to purchase.

Reward Loyal Customers

It’s always a good idea to reward those who have purchased from you before. And if you choose, you can setup special prices for previous customers. New users will see one price, and return customers will see a different price. If you are selling software, for example, you can have the upgrade price hidden from new customers.

Separate Administrator and Salesman priviledges

You may have sales people who answer phones and process orders. You probably don’t want them running email list reports, sales reports, etc. E-commerce builder allows you to give admin or sales priviledges to your employees which limits access to the features you want them to have.

Real-time credit card processing with Authorize.Net

We use Authorize.net because it is the most cost effective online credit card processor and because it eliminates the need for a secure server license for your web server. This can save you $250 per year. Browsing the store, adding items to the shopping cart and checking out does not need to be secure until the point of entering the credit card. At that step, the customer is passed off to the Anacom server to gather the credit card info. When the credit card is successfully processed, the customer is automatically returned to your store with your thank you message, the chance to print the invoice, etc.

If you sign up under the Galaxie Software partner program, the setup fee is $250, the monthly service fee is $25 and the transaction fee is $0.25 (you save $100 on the setup fee and $10 per month on the service fee).