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Category: Mark Keathley Art

If you are not familiar with Mark's work, be sure to check out his web site at

Mark Keathley Western Art Screen Saver

    A collection of 33 paintings from cattle round-ups, to moments of solitude shared by a man and his horse.

Mark Keathley Landscape Gallery Screen Saver

    33 of Mark's paintings in a screen saver. From coast to coast, and border to border, Mark has captured the essence of the American Landscape.

Mark Keathley Country Living Screen Saver

    A screen saver with 34 of Mark's paintings which take a nostalgic look at life in America at a time when life was simple and folks new what they were to be.

A Time for Holding Hands

    Christopher Kimball's award-winning collection of eloquent prose and joyful letters to his children highlights the greatest of life's treasures-captured moments in time. Award-winning artist Mark Keathley echoes a world rich with simple beauty and peaceful landscapes and offers a visual reminder that each day is a precious gift.

Mark Keathley Art Collection Vol 1 CD

    A beautiful collection of Mark's Paintings for your desktop. 100 high quality images with a self-installing screen saver.

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