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Category: Bible Software

Most of our Software below uses either the New Libronix Digital Library System or Logos Library system engine for Microsoft Windows.

Logos Scholars Library Series X

    This is the best value and the one to get if you're interested in Bible study in English, Greek and Hebrew. Retail price $599. Your price $449.95.

Theological Journal Library 5 - Libronix

    TJLCD Version 5 in the Libronix Digital Library System Format. 250 years of journal articles on one CD.

Bible Tutor

    The Bible Tutor™ is a CD-ROM offers an opportunity to master the basic content of the Bible through independent study and interactive self-testing.

Church History Collection Version 2 - Libronix

    101 Volumes from the Church Fathers, John Calvin, Josephus, Philip Schaff and Alfred Edersheim in the Libronix DLS.

Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics

    This extremely popular grammar is an essential tool in any bible student's library. As of 4/1/01 version 2 is available with topics added for enhanced searching in Logos.

10,000 Sermon Illustrations

    Are you tired of searching through magazines for just the right story? Check out the Sermon Illustrations CD.

NET Bible - Logos Library System

    The NET Bible in the popular Logos Library System* format, a very powerful Bible Study program which allows you to search, parallel scroll the footnotes with the text, and more. Also includes KJV and ASV.

Works of Miles Stanford

    Classic writings on the spiritual life and the believer's identification with Christ. All on CD in the Logos Library System.

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